Smitten is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you've met someone, just before you fall in love.
That feeling of passion. I think, that if I can obtain that feeling for the brands I work for, I make my best work.
Smitten in West-Flemish also means to really go for something, to throw yourself. 
Both meanings I stand for. 

Who, what, where & when

Service Design Meetup

Smitten is the studio of Louise-Lotte located in Laarne, near Ghent. I have experience working as a UX/UI designer both in The Netherlands and Belgium. 


Since I started Smitten in 2015, I have been working as a UI/UX designer both in-house and on my own projects from home and Likebirds (co-working). 

Service Design Meetup

In the last years I have taken a class with IDEO Human Experience Design, and a class Design Thinking at the House of Innovation. I am a regular at the UX and Service Design Meetup.  

Latest work 


Smitten VOF / Heidestraat 3, B-9270 Laarne, Belgium / E / M +32 474 490016 / H +32 9 33 00 139 / BTW BE06 32 450 589