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About Smitten


What is Smitten? Smitten means in English, becoming warm inside by a feeling of butterflies. A feeling of being in love, for me in love with design. I find that when working for a client, you make your best work when you are a bit Smitten with the brand and client. Smitten in West-Flemish (Smitt’n) means that you'll throw yourself completely, you're going for it, all the way.

Louise-Lotte Brekelmans has been smitten by graphic and webdesign ever since she was a child. She learnt the tricks of the trade at the University of Maryland (UMBC in Baltimore MD, USA) and during a fifteen-year career at various online branding and advertising agencies in Rotterdam, Amsterdam Brussels, Leuven and Ghent. In 2014, she decided to start her own one-woman design studio Smitten in Laarne (near Ghent). She has a knack for both graphic and online (corporate) design and developed a specialisation in UX and UI design over the years, but her creative mind does not like to be pigeonholed. She is always open to change and committed to putting all her skills and talent to work for each of her clients, whether they’re SME’s or multinationals.

In June 2015 I started my own design studio Smitten VOF. Since then I have taken on projects that require sketching UX ideas, as well as design wireframes. Finding creative solutions for the problems at hand and working in teams as well as solo. Since my solo start I have worked for clients such as; Agfa Graphics International, Hubo, Base Company, Bike to Work, Isopearls, Tekna design lamps, Plantyn, Janssen Pharmaceutica and most recently at ING Belgium in Brussels. These projects I have done solo, on commission, or in team with design or technically based companies.