What about me?

I lived in Amsterdam (2000-2005) and designed

• branded content websites (VBAT Amsterdam)
• government websites (Corps3optwee)
• pixel perfect pages/sections for large international websites (Agency.com)
• large content sites (Sara Lee products @ Framfab Amsterdam)
• socially engaged websites for fast moving goods
   (Heineken, Bacardi, Twix @ Qi)

I moved to Ghent Belgium (2005) and designed 

• through the line creative concepts and webdesign (Duval Guillaume Bxl, Antwerp, NY offices) 
• complete communication concepts for print & webdesign (Boondoggle Leuven, Dublin, Amsterdam)
• responsive webdesign & branding (Wijs Ghent)


I started my own company Smitten (2015)

(at first from home)
• AGFA Graphics
 international website (with Amplexor) 
(workshops, prioritize & map content, wireframes, visual components)
• HUBO (with Cronos)
(UX of the check-out phase/shopping cart and the product tiles)
• Belfius (with Amplexor)
(Intranet site UX/UI: news tile-style layout templates)
• Bike to Work (with Mischa Verheijden)
(illustrations, posters, social media banners for the yearly campaigns
"The Bike to Work Summer Challenge" and "Winter Trophy")
• Isopearls (with Mischa Verheijden) 
(a client in the renovation and construction business,
redesign of all their offline communication for the trade fairs). 

(next in-house consultancy)
• ING (from end of 2015)
Create a styleguide for ING Belgium.
Make the design pixel perfect and describe the atomic design in Confluence for the development.

• BNP Paribas Fortis (june 2016)  for Business Banking.
UX concept phase on the notification center and designed the prototypes for the user tests.
UX for the IMP-app, an app for experienced stock marketeers.
UX design for document center for Business Banking.  

• Moneyou (Boondoggle) (from March 2017)
We build a component library using atomic design principles (from new logo guidelines),
for the open domain NL, BE, DE and A websites.
UX designer in the Agile Loans team.
I designed wireframes, UI components for the library and also participated in user tests 
and integrated the conclusions/iterations in an agile manner into the MVP.

• AXA Insurance UX team in Brussels. (April-December 2018)
I worked on two projects:  
1) a salesflow in a co-creation design thinking manner for pensions (from May-July 2018).
With the prototypes we co-created, we had 2x two series of user tests (FR & NL).
We delivered the MVP to the management team and was received with great enthousiasm.

2) The observation user-tests of the My Axa Pro project
analyses, the presentation and the recommendation-proposals in wireframes. (from Oct-Dec 2018).
First we observed 8 FR/NL Public Sector offices all over Wallonia, Brussels and Flandres.
We wrote an analyses of the user tests and made a high-level wireframe proposal.
We presented & discussed with the stakeholders and UX team. 



Smitten VOF / Heidestraat 3, B-9270 Laarne, Belgium / E hello@iamsmitten.be / M +32 474 490016 / H +32 9 33 00 139 / BTW BE06 32 450 589