From 2000-2005 I lived in Amsterdam and designed

• branded content websites (VBAT Amsterdam)
• government websites (Corps3optwee)
• pixel perfect pages/sections for large international websites (Agency.com)
• large content sites (Sara Lee products @ Framfab Amsterdam)
• socially engaged websites for fast moving goods
   (Heineken, Bacardi, Twix @ Qi)

From 2005-2014 I moved to Ghent Belgium and designed for agencies in Brussels (Antwerp and NY offices), Leuven (Dublin) and Ghent

• through the line creative concepts and webdesign (Duval Guillaume) 
• complete communication concepts for print & webdesign (Boondoggle)
• responsive webdesign & branding (Wijs)



In 2015 I started my own company Smitten:
At first I was doing projects from home

• AGFA Graphics international website (with Amplexor) 
(workshops, prioritize & map content, wireframes, visual components)
• HUBO (with Cronos)
(UX of the check-out phase/shopping cart and the product tiles)
• Belfius (with Amplexor)
(Intranet site UX/UI: news tile-style layout templates)
• Bike to Work (with Mischa Verheijden)
(illustrations, posters, social media banners for the yearly campaigns "The Bike to Work Summer Challenge" and "Winter Trophy")
• Isopearls (with Mischa Verheijden) 
(a client in the renovation and construction business, redesign of all their offline communication for the trade fairs). 


Louise-Lotte portrait

Likebirds co-working Gent 

Consultancy in house:
Later on I started working in house

• ING, (from end of 2015) to create a styleguide for ING Belgium. We created a stand alone style for Belgium keeping a close watch on the Dutch styleguide and existing component design in Sketch. The design was based on Google card design and was optimised for 4 breakpoints. My task was to make the design pixel perfect and describe the atomic design in Confluence for the developers.

• BNP Paribas Fortis, (june 2016) for Business Banking, on the notification center. I was part of the UX concept phase and helped design the prototypes for the user tests. I was not the conducter of the user tests but was present and collected insights during the interviews. Next to that I was in charge of the user experience for the IMP-app, an app for experienced investors. I redesigned the navigation items and several features in the app. I also worked on the document center for Business Banking.  

• Moneyou (via Boondoggle), (from March 2017) part Leuven / part Amsterdam (internally at the clients offices). We build a component library using atomic design principles (from new logo guidelines), for the open domain NL, BE, DE and A websites. Each UX designer was assigned to a team. I was responsible for the UX, in the Loans team. I designed wireframes, UI components for the library and also participated in user tests and integrated the conclusions/iterations in an agile manner into the MVP.

• AXA Insurance UX team in Brussels. I worked on two projects:  
1) a salesflow in an inclusive design thinking manner for E-pensions (from May-July 2018). We started from a customer journey map and market research, found creative solutions for painpoints and integrated product information as well as Mifid, legal guidelines and branch specific investment information to create our prototype. We had weekly stakeholder meetings to update and integrate comments and insights they might have. With the prototypes we co-created, we had 2x two series of user tests (FR & NL). Just before the start of the summer holiday season, we delivered the MVP to the management team and was received with great enthousiasm.

2) The observation user-tests of the My Axa Pro project, analyses, the presentation and the recommendation-proposals in wireframes. (from Oct-end of Dec 2018). The My Axa Pro tool is a tool used to declare your claims for insurance policies of the public sector. The Public sector are communities, provinces, OCMW/CPAS, schools and public services like police and fire fighters, etc. First we observed 8 FR/NL Public Sector offices all over Wallonia, Brussels and Flandres. Next we wrote an analyses of the amazing results of the user tests and finally made a high-level wireframe proposal. Which we presented & discussed with the stakeholders and UX team. 



Smitten VOF / Heidestraat 3, B-9270 Laarne, Belgium / E hello@iamsmitten.be / M +32 474 490016 / H +32 9 33 00 139 / BTW BE06 32 450 589