AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance UX department (NDA)

2018 (2 projects of 3 months)

(1) Co-creation of a sales flow for E-pensions in design sprints. 
The co-creation team (4 people) started with a customer journey map and
market research and in design sprints created a flow: including lo-fi sketching,
integrating content, (product info, legal info, online buying regulations),
resulting in wireframes. Clickable mobile prototypes were made in Sketch/Invision. 
Usertesting (2x) and feedback loops were integrated in the final product.
(2) Observation testing of the My AXA Pro tool for the Public Sector.
Setting up a schedule, by selecting and calling clients in FR/NL, doing interviews
(observation technique) all over Belgium (Flandres, Wallonie and Brussels in FR/NL).
Analysation of the tests, presentation of the results to stakeholders
account & product managers, development teams, claims/document managers)
and designing and presentation of a UX solution. 

Keeping a clear view on the UX concept & test results as well as predetermined projects
ideas and hold deadlines. Keeping the team and stakeholders in the loop, integrate feedback in design sprints and keep time. 
Look for bold design solutions and integrate component library. 
Be the face of AXA Insurance, close the gap between product owners, account managers and marketing managers. Explain user test results in a service design thinking manner,
looking for hiring solutions for jobs-to-be-done. Resulting in wireframe concepts. 



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