AXA E-pension


AXA's E-life department (online insurances) were interested in finding out, if people between the ages of 25-35 would be interested in building a pension. If at that age, they even thought about it and if so, by what approach they would be interested. 



The customer journey mapping and market research, showed us the pain points, which was the basis, from which the four of us co-created a salesflow in weekly sprints. We integrated the necessary content,  product information, investment updates and Mifid guidelines, into lo-fi sketches. These sketches were made in team to make sure all expertises we taken into account. Next the clickable prototypes were created in Sketch/Invision to be able to ask feedback to our stakeholders and ultimately to test with the users. 


We had 2 sets of usertests (Dutch and French speaking) ages between 30-45 in Belgium. (We conducted the tests ourselves). After each test, we did the analysis and reporting back to the stakeholders. We integrated agreed upon changes into our prototype, and were able to deliver the MVP to the head of the E-life department before summer break. 


Selected Works

INGUX Design

AXA E-pensionUX design: co-creation, prototyping, usertesting

Moneyou LoansUX Design


Smitten VOF by Louise-Lotte Brekelmans  
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