At ING I was part of the UX team. In the team I was hired to collaborate with the lead designer, frontender and lead UX to describe and finalize the components ready for building the new ING website. The lead design which was in Google-card style was to be refined, made pixel perfect and described in Confluence for development.

• The design had to be checked against the component styleguide of The Netherlands and for some elements we had to reason why we did not follow and made our own guidelines. 

• We also optimised the design for four screen widths
(extra large screens as well) 

• I made extra components or visual elements to finalize the design for extra marketing refinements that we came across.  

• A very hand-on collaboration with the frontender and UX teamlead, to explain both ways descisions we took. Also bi-weekly meetings to explain our course to the UX manager. 

• it was a short term contract and also my first in-house consultancy task.


Selected Works

INGUX Design

AXA E-pensionUX design: co-creation, prototyping, usertesting

Moneyou LoansUX Design