Moneyou is a digital daughter of ABN AMRO and a client of Boondoggle.
I freelanced for Boondoggle and worked solely on Moneyou. Partly in the offices of Boondoggle (Amsterdam) and partly in Leuven.

Moneyou has a refreshing approach to banking.
They want you to get a clear, no-nonsense banking experience. 



Moneyou wanted see their new strategy, logo and guidelines (design by Boondoggle) implemented into a new UX/UI design website.
The NL, BE, DE and A websites got technical platform upgrades as well and were built from scratch.

The team of Boondoggle designed a component library to research both the needs of the users and the product managers (the stakeholders). We wanted to know, the needs and how the designs were perceived finally. We integrated findings to create meaningful and relevant pages. 


Next to the open domain website, each UX designer was responsible for the user experience in their own domain (Savings, Loans or Mortgages).  My domain was loans. We built product features to facilitate users with their digital banking experience.

In the loans team I helped usertest and implement results into the calculator. My last project was the user experience of the document upload module. I was part of the agile loans team, were I delivered wireframes (to explain my ideas, to give an indication of scope for developers and for usertesting) and delivered visual components necessary for the sprint deadlines. Communication was necessary between teams to see to it that we had one overall style. This communication happened mostly during our weekly design meetings. (With our international Customer Experience team).


Selected Works

INGUX Design

AXA InsuranceUX design: co-creation, prototyping, usertesting

Moneyou LoansUX Design