My Skills

Soft skills

People call me enthousiastic & creative. I am a teamplayer and adapt quickly to new situations. I am reliable and have a strong sense of emphathy and loyalty. 

I can communicate clearly and defend my opinions while respecting others. I have an open mind and am a good listener, but I can ask for a substantiated opinion to prove me wrong. Sometimes I can be a little too enthousiastic to participate in the conversation. 

I am a critical thinker and like to dive into research to build up my presentations before presenting to others. I love learning about human behaviour and finding ways to design a user flow, to benefit a positive outcome.  

Hard skills

I am a Strategic UX designer who works mostly with Miro & Figma. I work from research and data to find my insights and start the transformation of a current platform from there. 

In Miro I document my processes, my photos from workshops, audits, next steps and even create presentations. I explain my findings and my reasoning for my decisions. 

In Figma I design my sketches and/or use component libraries to create whole user flows. Add new additional components if there are components not yet available in the libraries. 

I used to and still sometimes work in the Adobe Suite; Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, Adobe Acrobat. And have also used Sketch and Invision in the past. 

I also work in Powerpoint for presentations. 


My mothertongue is Dutch,
I was born in the South of The Netherlands. 
Only 15 minutes from the Belgian border. 

My second language is English,
I got my bachelors in Baltimore MD, USA. 

My third language is French
I worked and lived in Brussels and worked in 
French or Francophone teams. 

Louise in front of wall explaining

Mussenstraat 48,
9070 Heusden (B)


+32 (0)474 490016