AXA Claims tool

AXA Insurance Belgium, has a reporting tool for writing claims, when an accident happens in the public sector. The public sector is a pool of clients in all parts of Belgium (Flanders, Wallonie and Brussels) from local governments to police and fire departments, water companies etc. All claims (small or large, induvidual or group) are to be reported in this tool.

AXA noticed that not all clients used the Claims tool, but wrote emails instead. So AXA commissioned a team of UX-ers to do research after the users of the tool. And find the reasons why they did not use the tool. And ultimately improve the User Experience of the tool and claim back time of the gestionnaires (people processing the claims). So they do not have to process mails, and all claims are nicely contained in an overview. 


Freelance UX Designer at AXA Insurance.
Team up with the Francophone UX lead, do research together in the Flemish part of Belgium

Full time AXA Brussels HQ 

on a 3 month contract 


• Do observational research in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders
• find out who is the user of the claims tool (at Public Sector)
• detect the reasons for not always using the tool
• present the insights
• Make a UX priority list for features
• Define & defend solutions for the insights
• Renew the Claims tool flow
• contact & make a short list of external clients & internal stakeholders 
• made call scenario for the phone conversation (FR and NL)
• set up an interview agenda with all interviewees
• Create a questionnaire
• Create personae

• find & list UX challenges, draw conclusions & present findings & insights to stakeholders
• List use cases & create userflow diagram, customer journey & user stories
• prototype new pages (before and after login of the tool)
• design of new components (to match the existing component library)
• Use UI component libraries for new proposal

Tools & Methods
• Observational interviews 
• Whiteboarding & Figma for drawing screens
• Invision for tests


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