NN's segment pages 

From workshop to user journey 

NN asked us to look at the (independent entrepeneurs) segmentpages on their website. They noticed a lot of dropoffs during the user journey. During the discovery workshop we found that the story the stakeholders wanted to tell and the journey for the visitors, were not clear on the content pages. 

During the discovery workshop, we, the stakeholders, CX director and myself, came to an understanding about what & how they wanted to communicate to entrepeneurs. I used the main take aways in my presentation to give strategic advice to the stakeholders on how to transform this in the user journey. Finally I drew wireframes using the existing component library. 

It is complicated because as an entrepeneur, you may have a family (and/or personnel) and therefor there can be an overlap in products. Coming from the users point of view and understanding their carreer, not as a liniar path I could create different journeys. I created a click path to deeper levels of content to inform and eventually click through to a broker. I drew out the 3 segment user journeys from homepage to landingpage and product detailpage. 

In the NN offices (Brussels) and the WundermanThompson offices in Antwerp

beginning of 2023

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