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A fresh view on mobile subscriptions for people who don't want to bundle

A select group of people will come to the website not knowing yet, if they want to bundle their internet and mobile phone subscription or keep it seperate. How might we optimize their journey based on their needs and still give them the option to buy seperately, bundle or buy hardware with their mobile subscription? 

Working in a team of two; a service designer and UX designer/digital service designer. We participated in a workshop with information from different departments from Telenet.

We defined our target group, defined their challenges & insights. Their needs and jobs to be done. We defined our strategic framework and created a user journey based on content hierarchy and finally the information architecture and UX. Departing from data, SEO and information shared from the BASE platform. Our to be journey was to be defined for both business and residential clients. 

Workshop at Telenet and strategic approach, remote in WundermanThompson offices.

not yet online > but soon (somewhere in June) to be found here
Telenet (private customers)



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