Help for choosing headphones
(by JBL)

JBL wanted to help people, choose between all headphones they offer. At Christmas time it is always hard to get product advice of personnel. So we thought of a way you could get help online, once you entered a store.

By scanning a QR code, you could get to a website. The choice was always between 2 different type of headphones, over-ear or in-ear, noice-cancelling or not, etc. Therefor I thought it would be nice to use the Tinder-like swipe model as a mechanism to choose.
A fun and effective trigger to get to help physical visitors of technical and audio stores at Christmas time, choose between different models and types of JBL headphones in an in-store mobile experience.

I was a single UX/UI designer in a team of designers and creatives in a medium sized all-round agency (adverting & design) in Ghent.

Duration of the project
1 month (during Corona end of year 2020)

Think of a mechanism, amount of steps, a story line,  and end up at the most suitable headphone for you. Being in the headphone section, you had the option to buy, in store. 

• start from a QR code scan 
• make it quick & easy to choose  
• make it a white label website so it can be skinned in each stores' corporate guidelines
• end the flow by showing a certain headphone model with product information & price

Client was very happy with the result and gave more assignments to the agency. 

Tools & Methods:
• Designs in Figma
• User tests in Invision
• Product photograps by JBL 


There were 2 flows ; listening (luisteren) and playing sports (sporten), you needed 6 steps to get to the end result. Here you could see your most appropriate headphone with product information in the website. It was a way to guide customers and to relieve some of the employees of stress in audio stores at gift giving season. And you could buy right there in the store. 


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