BNP Paribas Fortis

Notifications was an Easy Banking Business Project. BNPPF wanted to install notifications, as a way for different departments of the bank to communicate to users, about alerts and tasks-to-be done.

I worked in a large CX team with service designers, UX and UI designers in 2016-2017 in Brussels. It was my first time in such a large design team with so many disciplines and an eye-opening experience for me. 


Our challenge:
• create flows for clear communication between the bank & users
• To understand all use cases, we drew several flows & screens using BNPs component library. They varied from signing contracts (with multiple business owners), asking for ID card renewals, to alerts about changes in the account, from salary to calendar based payments.
• have good UX writing skills 
• prepare user tests for ease of use, co-write user test scenarios 
• skills to work with stakeholders on several levels as well as the agile team

Methods & tools
• prepare click-models in Figma & Invision
• create new UX patterns, finding colors & icons 
• work with a UX concept designer 
• work with BNP component library


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Louise-Lotte Brekelmans

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